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STEM Leads to All Career Pathways is a Course

STEM Leads to All Career Pathways

Sep 1, 2022 - Jan 31, 2023


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This course contains a series of webinars for educations so they can support students to prepare for future careers during their science and technology classes. Why is that important?

Schools and teachers are preparing students for an unpredictable future. Science and technology teachers are aware that today’s discoveries create ripple effects through new technology and innovation, making some jobs obsolete while creating new ones. How do we prepare our students for a future where most jobs don’t even exist yet? It is possible to set students on the right course by helping them learn who they are, what they enjoy, and the types of things they like doing. It is equally important to help them find a post-secondary pathway that resonates with their interest and abilities, whether skilled trades, university, college or work placements. One thing is sure; all pathways lead to STEM skills needed for tomorrow's future.

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